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By Stephen Greenblatt

Stephen Greenblatt argued in those celebrated essays that the paintings of the Renaissance could basically be understood within the context of the society from which it sprang. His procedure - 'New Historicism' - drew from background, anthropology, Marxist thought, post-structuralism, and psychoanalysis and within the approach, blew aside the educational barriers insulating literature from the area round it.

Learning to Curse charts the evolution of that process and gives a shiny and compelling exploration of a posh and contradictory epoch.

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I shall discuss three: her hierarchy of being and with it the role of Christ; her perfectionism and, in so far as it is possible to reconstruct it, her account of the formation of the monads. Paradoxically perhaps, it is the underlying (though modified) Neoplatonism of Anne Conway's system, its tripartite descending heirarchy, that rescues it from charges of pantheism or of monistic materialism. But, let us recall, Henry More too tried to reduce kabbalah to a Neoplatonic hierarchy of being as part of his attempt at an orthodox reading of it.

Niggemeyer, Beshworungsformeln aus dem 'Buch der Geheimnisse - Sefar ha-razim' Zur Topologie der magischen Rede (Hildesheim: Olms, 1975). 3. HENRY MORE, ANNE CONWAY AND THE KABBALAH: A CURE FOR THE KABBALIST NIGHTMARE?! SARAH HUTTON In this paper I argue that Anne Conway's Principia philosophiae meets the objections that Henry More levelled against the kabbalah which he set out in his Fundamenta philosophiae printed in the second part of the first volume of the Kabbala denudata. Her treatise may therefore be read as an answer to More's objections, or at least as a demonstration that kabbalistinspired metaphysics need not be incompatible with Christian philosophy.

This text contains a passage speaking of the vicious demon Samael, with the comment 'secundo dicto Raziel'. Both manuscripts thus emanate from the same Spanish circles and deal with angelic magic and astrology. We can thus begin to see why Queen Christina would have taken interest in these texts. Dbros de las formas e de las ymagenes speaks of the 16 Susanna Akerman 12 signs of the Zodiac and the 24 mansions of the moon and also develops a prophecy of a final apocalyptic struggle between the Lion and the Dragon, a clash that will destroy the Church of Anti-Christ.

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